My Top Tips for a Working Mum

Please for the love of god PRIORITISE.

Choosing the important bits first is so important. What are your MUST DO'S for the day? Get them out of the way first. For me I love wrapping my business AROUND my family and not the other way around. Family comes first. Always.
Does it really matter if you are giving your kids toast for dinner because you were all playing at the park or kicking a ball around till it got dark? No, it doesn't. This also counts for housework - it can ALWAYS wait.

Send HELP.

Guess what you're not a super hero. We are not meant to be perfect and we are not meant to have out shit sorted. We are normal human beings and guess what? Sometimes we need help. Don't ever EVER be afraid of asking for an extra pair of hands. You will be left an overwhelmed ball of anxiety if you attempt to do everything yourself. We have husbands for a reason - use them! Get them to have a set amount of jobs every week to help ease the load off you.
When friends or family offer help you say Y E S !

Be Prepared Be Very Prepared.

Yep if you are going to be working set hours at home or working away from home then organisation needs to be your bestie. As working mums we need to try and be as prepared and organised as we can.
Get the kids lunches organised the night before, have 2-3 nights of dinners organised or atleast in the fridge ready to cook or spend 1-2 times per month doing a big cook up of your favourite dishes and wack them in the freezer. Keep up to date with the washing, get the kids to help fold and put it away even look at doing your food shopping online to save you the trip.

Stop Listening To OTHER people. 

Guess what? You need to do what is right for your family. Every single family is completely different and you must find something that suits you and your family - not someone else's.
Some families find it easy with both parents working full-time others not so much. It doesn't make you ANY less of a parent or make you a bad or a better mum. At the end of the day if our babies are happy, we are happy and our house is still standing do we really need to give a shit what other people think? No.
Whatever you decide to do. Choose what makes you happy. Yours and your families happiness is absolutely paramount.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can CHEW.

Please. You are an amazing mum if you choose to not go back to work EVER and be home with your babes and you are an incredible mum if you choose to jump back into the workforce.
But, please don't bite off more than you can chew. If you have little ones try starting off with 10-15 hours per week and gradually build yourself up. As your children grow and you start getting used to working and raising children then you can always look at increasing your hours at a later stage.
Make life as simple / easy as possible. 

Childcare. Choose Wisely.

This was probably one of the hardest things for me to do. That day you drop them off for the first time and they are watching you walk out the door. Make sure you are taking your time choosing a childcare centre there are so many great ones out there and a whole heap of not-so-great ones. Look on forums, check groups on facebook and the best way for you to get a run down on a childcare centre is speaking to the parents that send their children there. Do your research.

Ah. The Dreaded Mum Guilts

Don't you just love it? It doesn't matter where you leave your child you will feel guilty for doing so. You'll feel guilty being a stay at home mum and you'll feel guilty being a working mum. We seriously cannot win. You are an amazing parent and choosing to work doesn't make you a bad mum. 

The Best Part. Actually ENJOY It.

If you are going back into the work force full-time make use of your weekends together. Get out with your family and enjoy time together it will definitely make it MUCH easier when your alarm goes off Monday morning if you have had a beautiful weekend together.
Quality over quantity. So get out there and create some incredible memories with your family.
The best part though? Enjoy doing a wee without an audience, enjoy the taste of hot coffee right down to the last mouthful AND enjoy the quietness while they are not around.
I hope you have enjoyed this, if you are looking to be able to earn an income from home around your children or simply supplement the income you are earning at the moment then I would absolutely love to have a chat with you

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