Do You Want More Out Of Your Life? Hell Yes!!

But here are some of the awesome things I'm going to be implementing into my life in 2018

#1. Be a Do-Gooder 

This not only makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside the universe also sees this awesome stuff and karma will come back to you ten fold. Can you imagine if everyone just did one small deed for someone every single day. Wouldn't the world be a beautiful place. So do something today for someone else you will be much better for it I promise! Perhaps organising $10 off the next bill at a coffee shop for the next sleep deprived mum needing an IV drip to get through her day or helping an elderly person get there shopping into their car.

#2. Be with Actual People

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?
In this day and age everyone is either texting you, poking you, tweeting you or snap chatting you. How about actually chatting to someone face-to-face. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Grab a friend or two and go and have a coffee and a beautiful face to face chat. Be present in your family and friends life. I know technology is such a way of life these days. But put down the iPhone and let's get more social it really will warm your heart.
Plus its not healthy being cooped up inside 24/7 there is nothing better than getting outside and having some fresh air, even if its laying on the grass outside with a book.

#3. Be a Positive Polly not a Negative Nancy

Share share share! Sharing positivity is wonderful. If you are on Facebook or your Instagram account share things that are positive. It might be an inspirational quote or maybe a positive video.
Gives positive comments on social media too its definitely not the place for negative crap!
You never know who is watching and might need that message. Listen to music that's happy and makes you smile. Don't listen to the news thats only going to impact you negatively not positively.
If you have negative friends or perhaps a toxic relationship or a shitty job get-out-now! You will be so much more happier! Also stop over thinking everything - this is something I'm an absolute shocker for and something I really need to continue working on. Start and finish your day positively. It will make the world of difference.

#4. Smile & Hug People
I love hugs. There is nothing better than coming home after a shit day and getting a snuggly hug from my hubby or my little boy. You can never have enough of them.
Always have a smile on your face it will instantly improve your mood.
Also, smile at others too you never know what others are going through - so give em'  a little smile and make their day. We need to start doing this more often!

#5. Use the Telephone
To make an actual call! No texting, emailing, snap chatting or tweeting here folks. Get on the phone and chat to an old friend. Settle down somewhere with a nice hot cup of coffee and catch up properly.

#6. Be True  & Kind To Yourself
Did you know you can achieve anything you put your mind to?
Be happy with who you are. You can't change you. You are stuck with you forever. So love yourself. Be happy with what you have and who you are. Be content and happy. You need to remember that you are a priority (something I need to remind myself constantly being a mum).
You have the right to take some down time and relax too. Listen to your body if it calls for a lounge on the couch naked watching Dr Phil. Just Do it.

#7. Be Present
Be present in someone else's life. Everyone has such busy schedules and lives these days sometimes we forget to actually just "be" there for people, family and friends. Keep your friends and family close. They are the most important asset you will ever own.

#8. Just Moooooove
Move your body. Anyway you can. There is nothing better on a Perth balmy night after dinner to grab our dogs and go for a family walk after dinner. It makes you feel fabulous gives you special time with your family and a time without technology where you can catch up on whats happened over the course of the day. Walking and other exercise releases this awesome stuff called endorphins so you will actually feel amazing. So try and move as much as you can.

#9. I have a Dream ….
And you should! Goals and dreams are so important. A dream board in your office or somewhere in your house is an awesome idea to keep you on track and to gently remind yourself why you are doing what your doing.

#10. De-Clutter Your Life
I've just started to do this recently and it feels amazing.
Go through all of your old junk and sell it be more of a minimalist. I didnt realise how much better my mind would be after doing some de-cluttering. Also, donate where you can to women's refuges and other charities - will give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside! So start here, just implementing a couple of things will make you feel so much better Take a look around tonight if there is a dog there grab it and go for a 30 min walk and get some fresh air then come home and have a look around for something to chuck out or donate to charity.

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