Want a happier 2019? Ask yourself these 3 little things.

Oh we all want happiness right?

Life is crazy busy.

I feel the older we get, well that I get that life just gets more out of control and overwhelming.

Happiness though is an inside job and the internal work is absolutely key.

So I have put together 3 simple things that you can ask yourself to really start creating some happiness in your world.

Will this actually matter in 5 years from now? 

5 months from now? 

Or even 5 weeks from now?

This will actually really help you decide whether its really worth stewing over.
This will really allow you and help you let go of whatever it is that has your mind in knots.
Are you really making this into a mountain out of a teeny tiny molehill?

There is nothing worse than stressing over things.
Its detrimental to your health and terrible for your mental state.
Mental / emotional baggage is not fun so stop carrying it around.

What can I do right now to help the situation?

Whatever you have going on right now.
What can you physically do right now to get the ball rolling?
This is such a great question to ask yourself.

This will stop you from going into procrastination mode and help simplify and stop you wasting anytime.
Its so so easy to fall into this trap.

Hey, we are all human it happens to the best of us especially me.
So what can you do right now to get the ball rolling?

Is this useful?

Man, how easy is it for us to spend copious amounts of time on things that really just don’t matter at the end of the day?
Spending hours and hours being angry with someone, your mind replaying things that have happened, failures that you have had, falling outs the works.
Rather than spending your energy going through this.
Accept that it happened and move on.

Going through situations like that is normal everyone goes through them from time to time (some of us more than others)
Save your energy and spend more time finding a solution for the problem rather than being stuck in that negative mindset.

Be solution focused and driven.

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