How's your money relationship?

How do you feel when you open your bank account? 

Do you do it with one eye shut because your scared of what’s inside? 

How do you feel your relationship with money is? 

Enjoy paying for things.

I don’t mean massages, coffees and fabulous stuff.

I mean the boring stuff,
Like bills, invoices, tax and all that goodness.
I’ve really started switching my thinking when it comes to paying for things that didn’t excite me.

Now when I pay for our electricity or our gas bill I sit and think about all the beautiful hot showers that we have been able to have, how we have been completely comfortable in our home having the air conditioner running constantly in Summer.

So I am more than happy to pay for that privilege.

Our water bill and being very blessed that we live in a part of the world where you can turn on a tap and water comes flowing freely out of it.

Our mortgage, rates and household stuff. 

I’m blessed that I have been a homeowner since I was only 22 years old. 
A place to call ours, our own little piece of dirt. Something that not everyone gets to be able to do.

Ah, Telstra, I love you the most. 
Thank you for supplying me with a beautiful phone and incredible internet that has me being able to build a fabulous empire from home and stay connected with the people that I love from around the globe. 

Start really embracing yours bills.
Love them. 
Appreciate them. 
Start putting a positive spin on them rather than something negative. 

We are blessed to live somewhere where we can have direct access to things like electricity, water and the internet. 

I’m currently organising my whopping GST bill for the March quarter. It’s actually my biggest one yet. 

And I love that it was a lot of money.

I’m so blessed to have a big whopping GST bill to pay.

Because that means I have a beautiful thriving business that is creating a dream life for my family. 
Also, my income tax I owe is legit close to what I used to earn working full time in a whole year. 

Ahhhhh how cool is that? 

Bills are awesome. 
Paying tax and GST is awesome.
Life is awesome. 

Switch your thinking.

Trust me when I tell you that it will change your life

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