11 fabulous tips to 6+ figures online!

The best way and fastest way you can create an epic income is to solve problems for people. The larger the problem is the more income you can create. 

Your past doesn’t matter. Not one little bit. Where you went to school, if you were expelled, went to uni none of that matters. Your IQ is absolutely irrelevant. 

Stop listening to people that have a negative shitty attitude. People that have a terrible relationship with money, people that are ungrateful and believe that life is a struggle. And don’t ever buy in to someone who tells you that you should just settle for the life you have. 

 Start believing that anyone regardless of race, background, age or gender can make as much money as they god damn want. 

Expect big results. Stretch your vision. Don’t just aim for a income result of 100k really stretch yourself you are capable of amazing things. 

Abundance is your birthright. Every single person deserves to live an abundant AF life. So lose the scarcity mindset and start seeing money as an incredible energy that is there to change lives! 

Making money is an inside job. And I mean mindset. For you to be able live a truly rich life it starts internally. Your internal blueprint is absolutely everything. 

No one is going to save you. I know right ouch! But I’m saying this with love. Don’t wait. If you want to truly change your life and create epic things then you do the work. 

Tribe is everything. Who you spend your time with, who your mentors are, who you are receiving advice from, damn even who you have coffee with. Your tribe is everything so always remember that. 

 You have the right to be rich. If you are showing up, being raw, vulnerable, showing people who you are, adding value and inspiring the fuck out of people then you my friend deserve to be as rich as you want. 

Always focus on how to create more income. Don’t ever downgrade your life to match what you earn. If you want all the things then go out there and create an income to match what you truly desire. Constantly worrying about money is no way to live.

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