Few clues you are not a natural Mum

This is a blog I have been wanting to write for a while.

But something just continued triggering me not too?

But here it is. Don't judge me. 

There are some amazing women in the world that were born to be mothers.

Like that’s exactly what they were put on this earth to do.

I was never the girl that dreamt about having a massive family. 

In fact when I turned 26 it was actually my husband that asked me if I was ready to have children. 
And it was a decision we made together. 
I wasn’t that woman that ‘yearned’ for a baby.

So hopefully you will relate to a few of these.

You love your children.
There is definitely no denying that! 
We love our kids. 
When I think about my son I could burst into tears. I love every single part of him. 
I miss his kisses and his cuddles when hes at school. 
And I would literally walk through fire for him. 

Hey Mum, can you play with me.
Argh. This. I have never felt comfortable doing this. 
You know those parents that are amazing at playing with their kids, have a crazy childlike imagination etc. 
That’s totally not me at all. 
So homework, play time, reading books etc is actually quite an effort for me to do.

Dirty House + Excessive Noise.
Um, no and massive no. 
Crying, screaming, tantrums and all of that craziness that comes with it drives me batshit crazy.
And don’t get me started on my house looking like a bomb has hit it. 

Toilet Time.
This is probably not just me I’m sure natural mothers would agree here too. 
But this is totally my time. 
I don’t need an audience, in fact these 2 minutes of peace literally feels like 2 hours at a fucking day spa sometimes. Pardon the french!

Helping Hands.
When they want to vacuum, help do something or cook or anything like this. 
I love that they want to help, but the crazy person inside of me is just screaming that I want to do it myself. Especially when you need things done quickly. Argh. 

8 going on 18
You sort of don’t know how to treat children differently to adults. 
You’ll expect them to do just about everything that you can do and with no fuss. 
And it drives you bonkers when a simple task like putting on shoes, washing their teeth or going to the toilet doesn’t just happen organically. 
Like no one has to remind me to pee? Sooo.

New Child Who Dis’
This. This is totally me. 
You barely notice other children. 
Like ever.
You are definitely not that woman at the shopping centre that ooo’s and ahhhh’s after a new born baby. 
In fact unless its your own child they sort of go un-noticed.  

‘Did you want to hold …. nah I’m all good’
When you have your own child and you literally have no desire to hold anyone elses. Don’t get me wrong at all, babies are all kinds of cute – but they are just not really the first thing you notice when you walk into a room.

So, I can totally relate to you if you feel like you are not a natural in this department.

P.S Also, don’t judge me. 

P.P.S I seriously do love my child more than anything!

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