Self Love - 20 Ways to keep your cup full!

You deserve lots of love.
Making sure your cup is full is crucial.
You know the drill when you’re on a plane.
“In the case of an emergency always put your own oxegyn mask on first”
Well this applies in real day to day life too.
The most important person in your life is YOU.
Practicing self love can be tricky at first, sometimes it can bring on feelings of selfishness and perhaps even being slightly self absorbed.
But once you start its kinda like a tube of pringles “once you pop you cant stop”
Your well being is important.
And so is your happiness.
So here are some fabulous ways that you can fill up your cup!
  • Surroundings – any toxic relationships that you have get to be stopped right now. I’m being totally serious. If you are wanting to ensure you are putting your own happiness first then these types of relationships need to go into the trash!

  • Fill up your body with the BEST food, the BEST water you can find and also sneak in some red wine – why? Because that is just heaven in a glass!

  • Move your body daily. Exercise is the best thing you can do to get your happiness hormones going. And no I don’t mean sweating it out in a gym if that’s not your thang. I mean grabbing your dog and getting our in the fresh air and going for a walk. You’ll thank me later!

  • Start every single day with something positive. How beautiful you look. Start with the sentence “I am” and go into 10-15 things that you love about yourself and start seeing things start drastically shifting. Our internal world needs to be nurtured.

  • Make sure your circle is AMAZING. The 5 people you spend the most of your time with will really make an impact on your life. AND this can be good or bad. So make sure you have some amazing people around you telling you how fabulous you are and making you feel a million bucks 24/7

  • Stop comparing yourself full stop. Stay in your own lane. Remember that you are the only person in this world. There is no one “you-er” than you and that’s an incredible thing!

  • Celebrate any wins that you have regardless of the size of them!

  • Make sure you are living outside of your comfort zone, always always be open to trying something new. Nothing exciting has ever lived inside of a comfort zone

  • Take time out every morning to calm your mind. I do a 30-minute morning ritual every single morning (reach out if you would love more details) including transcendental meditation, self-love rants, money rants, gratitude rants and all sorts of stuff. I highly recommend 10 mins at least of meditation in the morning it will change your life. 

  • Whatever you are passionate about – follow that. When you are truly doing something that lights you up you will never feel like you are working. 

  • Massages. Seriously they are game changers

  • Enjoy time on your own, take yourself out for a coffee, lunch or even sit by a sunny window at home curled up on your favourite chair with a good read. Alone time really helps me reset and is so good for keeping anxiety and overwhelm at bay. 

  • Make sure you are being mindful of the thoughts that are going through your mind, your internal blueprint really does create your external world. So really important to ensure we are feeding our mind beautiful things daily. 

  • Always always be kind to others. Be respectful and just love on them. There is nothing better than treating people the way that we want to be treated and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. 

  • Daily gratitude will change the game. Every morning find 5 things you are grateful for and say them out loud or even write them in a journal. At night time find another 5 things you are grateful for and jot them down. This way you are starting your day and ending your day in a grateful state of mind. 

  • There are some amazing professionals out there that can really help you. Healers, NLP practitioners, timeline therapists and lots more that can really help you.

  • Start falling in love with saying the word NO. Seriously its become my absolute favourite word. Take back your power and really start doing only the things that light you up. 

  • Let go of anything in the past that has caused you trauma, this can obviously be really hard but living in the past is definitely not somewhere you want to stay. 

  • When you are feeling low – honour that. Please understand that not everyone is happy 24/7 and every single being on the planet would have days they want to not adult. Its ok to take time out and just be. 

  • Have fun. Seriously we spend so much time being busy (especially if you have children argh) sometimes we forget about the fun. So make sure you are incorporating the fun as much as you can! 

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