How I manifested our dream house!

..... and the offer was accepted this week!

A few months ago I dived into a 12 month course. 
A course to really dive deep into my internal blueprint.
I was so ready to uplevel.

To learn more about my feminine side (not just my masculine natural hustler mode)
I was opened up to so much which at the beginning I have to be honest - triggered the hell out of me. 
But over the past few months I have noticed so much of a shift with everything. 

Tighter boundaries.
Calling in my exact soul tribe.
Letting go.

Diving so much into meditation, rituals and all that goodness.

Getting back into the 5am club and doing an incredible morning ritual every single morning like clockwork. 

Ah, I have literally changed so much just in the past few weeks. 

I saw this property online in March. 
I knew it was the one. 
I called the agent and there was already an offer on it. 

Weeks have gone by and I still had it saved in my realestate account. 
I started doing some very deep transcendental meditation about a month ago. 
And part of that was to go into the future and see where you are in 5 years. 

Every single morning for weeks and weeks this house was there. 
I could see us. 
Having fun.
Being present together.

I tried to shift my thoughts but every single time this house would come back into view again. 
So I knew deep down this was exactly the house for us. 

Sunday I noticed the house had dropped by almost $20k 

I called the agent and we organised a look. 

As soon as I walked through the door I instantly knew. 

This was our house. 
We put an offer in. 

The other people ended up having to pull out. 
And offered them way under the asking price. 
And today it was accepted. Our first offer. 
I knew for weeks that this would be ours. 
It was there.
Every single morning.
Like it was already done.

So my message to you today is start nurturing your thoughts more. I can’t recommend meditation enough it has literally changed everything for me. 

So now we wait for our finance to be approved. 

But, it’s already done. 

This house is a beautiful ex display in a beautiful beach side estate and is absolutely everything we wanted with all the added extras! 

It also has a corner of the kitchen dedicated to 🍷 so clearly it was going to be ours. 
Thoughts become things.

And this is living proof of that.

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