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I want to start by saying how ridiculously grateful I am.
Life has seriously changed drastically over the last 15 months.

I really want to give you a powerful insight into my online career which spans over 4 years and what changed for me in March 2018.

4 years ago I was working as an Assistant Accountant, juggling a 4 year old little boy, a husband who was working 6 days a week and to top everything off I was running a traditional business 3 nights a week.

I was beyond exhausted.

Totally disconnected from my family.

And to top things off my 'boss' that I had was draining my life on a daily basis. Lol.

I decided that to really create my own hours and do things purely on my own terms that diving into the online world was my next step.

Hello network marketing!

I was a newbie.
Completely out of my comfort zone and scared beyond belief.
But my vision for my family and my dreams outwayed any excuses or fear that I had inside of me.

11 months into that business I was able to walk away from my Assistant Accountant job and then a few months later I closed my 7 year old traditional business for good.


Now, I was solely online.

All my income was being generated online.

This was exactly what I wanted.

The next couple of years were incredible.

Lots of amazing overseas trips and amazing adventures.

I fell head over heels for the industry.

And I was so grateful.

This was a low ticket item so it took A LOT of people and A LOT of sales to really create an income you could live off.

The most I could make on one sale was around $350.
But it ranged from anywhere from $10 - $350.

What we found was people started dropping off rapidly.

Infact I remember running a report and realising that 600 people had simply dropped off our down line - which ended up putting a major dent in our income.
It was hard.

I was now working over 35 hours a week, attending weekly events, having to do so much training, flying overseas for conventions.

And when you actually broke down my income into an hourly rate, the figure left me gobsmacked.

I had a friend who I had known online for 3 years.

She put a post up on her FB which 100% got my attention.

I felt called to her.
I felt like this was put up just for me.
It spoke to me in a way that I knew that this would be my next step.
And I reached out to her.

I told her my vision, my dream and what I was really wanting to create in this online space and that I really wanted to find the best vehicle to do this.

She had everything I wanted.
The dream lifestyle.
The income.
The freedom.
The everything.
I knew this was it.

That this was the universe delivering this to me for a reason.
I had been working so hard for 3 years.
I wanted it all NOW.

My husband had been made redundant for months and my online income was the sole income we had for our family and that was dwindling down.

I was absolutely prepared to do whatever it took.

I went all in.

In March of last year I said a massive yes to creating the life that I wanted.
And oh my goodness has life completely changed.

I learnt the exact strategy that my mentor | friend used to create a 7 figure online business.

I learnt and applied that same strategy.

Learning all the key things that you needed to create magic online and then having a massive AHA moment when I realised my previous business had ZERO of the five things.

Ah, thats why I couldn't get the growth I wanted.

Learning that you needed the right vehicle, a marketing platform that works and converts and a offer that EVERYONE needs.

Oh, and don't get me started on the HIGH ticket item.

I had found the secret to SUCCESS.

Finally after years in the online space - It was here!

Everything is created with pure ease and flow.

The hustle is gone and never coming back.

I have worked significantly less in the past 15 months and my income has increased by 2,700%

We now run our own multiple six figure company rather than the little sole trader I was for many many years.

We have travelled so much!

So many family memories and so much fun together.

I have never needed to reach out to anyone via messenger or done any of those icky messages.

No even once.

This educational platform teaches you what you need to know. The most up to date information from a selection of digital marketing leaders who are creating massive success in this space.

Every single person has reached out to me.

Oh, and I have not had to sell a single thing.

No connection calls.
No coffee meetings.
No mid week events.
No needing to know all the product info.
No 'sales' calls.
None of that.

The platform I use takes care of the majority of the heavy lifting, including an entire team set up to do the sales for you.

I know right?

Blew my mind when I first heard it too.

By creating a business wit a high ticket item means your work load is dramatically less.

We had thousands of people in our last business and we were earning around $1,000 plus per week.

Sometimes less and sometimes more.

Here though?

I haven't even hit 150 people in our community and my income sky rocketed 2,700%.

Less work.
More income.
High ticket is where it's at.

The highest commission I could earn in my previous business was $350 = Low Ticket Item

The highest commission I could earn now in this incredible platform is $5,700 = High Ticket Item

(These are actual correct figures)

So lets do a quick example.

If you have 50 sales this is what it would look like basing it off the above.
50 sales low ticket item $350 = $17,500
(still pretty amazing)

But for that I needed to be on the phone, do the sales, run them through the business model, answer questions.

You know a lot of hand holding.

50 sales high ticket item $5,700 = $285,000

a system that takes them through everything in a way that they fully understand, a team set up to do the sales, answer the questions and do all of that delicious stuff.

Meaning you get so much more of your life back.

Real freedom and time to spend with your family.

A way to work smarter and not harder.

This also teaches business owners how might already have something established, their own product etc how to really start leveraging the internet with the most up to date information.

The last 15 months have changed everything.

I have never EVER in my life been more excited about the future for my family.
And I want you to get really excited about yours.

If you would love to learn what it is we do and how you could either move away from your low ticket item business or perhaps use this platform to help you leverage your own business correctly on the internet.

Then I would absolutely love to hear from you.

This is exactly what you have been looking for.

Its time.

Time for you to say YES to your vision and your future.

Here is your 2019 Affiliate Playbook.

Totally free because we are all bang up for free stuff!

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The amounts above are just an example and is in no way guaranteed for you.

This still does come down to your own individual results and what you can do. We can offer you absolutely everything you need all the amazing tools for you to leverage this.

I am so so excited for you!